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Film school accreditation

Film school accreditation

It is really necessary to verify that a school is accredited, because in this voluntary process these schools are evaluated and revised by independent professionals which measure its objectives and the standards that settle down to its educational programs, in simple words an accreditation is equal to a stamp of approval.

This means that the education imparted in that school is considered valuable in the film industry because the credited schools usually maintain a high level of academic force and integrity. The accreditation by one of the regional bodies is important because it determines the eligibility of a school to participate in of federal financial aid programs. Organizations besides the NASAD:
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

  • North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

  • New England Association of Sc
The schools that are submitted to the accreditation process could be locally, regionally, and privately credited. The National Association of Schools of Art and design (NASAD) is the unique independent organism recognized by the American Department of Education for accreditation of programs of visual arts which establishes the rules and determine the standards that they should follow. There are six regional accreditation hools and Colleges.
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges

  • Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges

  • Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools
The NASAD accreditation standards were developed by their own members, their purpose is not to restrict what a school teaches or how they structure their programs; the purpose is to provide a pattern for its analysis. This process facilitates and incentivates schools to improve their programs because this is a continuous process which means these schools are submitted to a regular revision.