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film career planning

Career planning

This process consists on choosing an occupation related to the film industry such as producer, director, actor, camera operator, film editor, etc. The purpose of this choice is to get a job and be able to continue growing professionally in the future.

This decision, often unique in our lives, it is better taken if we think once and again about it so that we can define and redefine our goals well. It also helps a lot to make a self evaluation in order to discover our real interests, abilities and values.

It is also very useful to ask to our family and close friends what qualities and strengths they think we have, this, with the purpose of knowing our virtues better. At the end this self evaluation, try to respond questions such as: What do I like to do? Which is my motivation? What abilities do I have? What abilities do I want to develop? Etc.

Once we have clear intentions, it is necessary to investigate all the options and opportunities that our life offers and mainly to ask to who already studied something similar to what we want questions such as: when do they began their career?, How is a typical day in their lives?, what kind training or education we require?, etc.

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