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Career skills

The abilities of a professional of this industry are related to the leadership, management, initiative, emotional intelligence, taking decisions, persuasion and strategy among others. However these abilities depend, in great measure of the area in which it acts. This means that different abilities are needed depending on the occupation or work that is chosen.

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Here we will describe the general abilities required in this industry:
  • Interest for film environment, especially for audiovisual products (radio, television, movies, etc).
  • Ability to develop market researches.
  • Capability to work in teams or in small groups.
  • Be able to identify and manage individual and collective necessities.
  • Abilities on plantation and management.
  • Self-criticism capacity.
  • Ability to develop independent works.
  • Abilities of persuasion and influence.
  • Ability to evaluate ideas and present them later.
  • Good abilities of interpretation.
  • Ability to present information on a synthesized way.
  • Capacity to work under pressure and against time.
  • Ability to pay attention to every detail.

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