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film career titles

film career titles

Being inside of movie industry or being about to enter in a film careers, or maybe just want to know about film career titles, put your attention and get information with this list of film careers specialties to choose from:

Film actor

It is a person who performs, named actress for female and actor for male. He or she interprets a dramatic character and works in a film, television, theatre, radio, video games or even in a street.

Film director

It is the person responsible for every production aspect from an artistic and narrative point of view. The film director is the professional who directs the filming of the movie giving instructions to actors, he works in activities such as the realization of the technical script, he supervises the decoration and wardrobe, he also has an important decision in the selection of actors and other professionals, the selection of scenarios, decorations, possible corrections of the script and all the other necessary functions in order to make a good filming.

  • Art director. - It designs the sets to reflect the mood and the circumstances that are dictated in the script, it is also responsible for the job with the design, wardrobe and hair-stylist department. He works with the director in the entire visual content of the movie, this person in charge of designing of sets, props, suits, etc.


It includes producer, production Manager, line-Producer, production Coordinator and production Assistant. They are the core of the industry and nowadays the abilities of an experienced person in production are very well pay. Producers have diverse types of experience, they can have been directing previously or even acting, some of them have studied in universities and other simply come from careers not related to cinema at all.

  • Producer. - It is the person who contributes the money or is in charge of finding it; they are generally a group of film companies.

  • Film Producer. - It is the person who is in charge of the organizational and technical aspects, it completes the creative activity of the director and it is in charge of the personnel contract, it is in charge of financing of the jobs and the contact with distributors in order to diffuse the movie.

  • Executive Producer. - This person works in management tasks such as to get lodgings and filming permits. However their obligations vary in a remarkable way among cultures, countries and companies.

Film and Video Editor

Film editors or picture editors place the footage in a story that validates the original concept of the movie. Editor cooperates with music, visual and sound team. The film editor gives to the director and the producer a version of the movie so that they make a final decision about the required changes.

Screen Writer

Screenwriters, scenarists and script writers are authors that write screenplays on those are based movies and television shows are elaborated. Writers develop the screenplays from an original idea, but often, another is the person who has that idea and just writes a treatment (a summary) from which the writer bases to develop his screenplay. Writers can also use other sources as a screenplay, for example a novel.

Most of them also work as script doctors trying to change scripts to satisfy directors or film studies, other screenwriters sell a treatment or synopsis of their screenplay even when they are not complete.

Camera Operator

It is the main camera operator who captures the essence of the movie in a frame. It is needed technical abilities and the eye of an artist to operate a camera and create a perfect scene, a camera operator is a technician and artist combination. They are usually creative and very experienced people.

A camera operator basically films the performance of a movie and works closely with the illumination, equipment maintenance and photograph responsible to achieve a good taking. It is his job, functions like the location of the cameras, the movements with or without displacement and the correct use of image through the different types of optic and capture systems, they also are responsible that cameras are correctly installed and working.

It can take a variety of ways to become a camera operator, some people attend to prestigious film schools, while others develop their abilities through courses in community colleges or in technical training program. As most of the jobs in the industry, the experience is everything, and usually when postulating to an employment, the camera operators, first, should show samples of his work.


Cinematographer is the person responsible for the composition of a taking, He or she makes sure that the camera captures all that is being given in a scene, he and the film director are responsible for the illumination and the frame of a scene.

Working along a film director who have a general idea of how a scene should look, the main responsibility of the expert cinematographer is make that this happen with technical and artistic capacities of a camera, assuring that every scene goes in accord to the script.

Set Designer

The person responsible for the appearance of the film, sets and scenarios are its interest. In many occasions, he designs and builds a scenario completely from the beginning recreating a time period and an established situation that agrees with the script requirements. Set designers also sketch the characters, but they are only responsible of design and drawing of sketches and plans for sets.

Sound Engineers

A film can generate hundreds of different sounds; they can be special effects sounds, dialogues and others such as music. Those, which want to work directly in complex technologies that create sound, find easier to get the first job or internship if they have certain specialized education, as a degree in film studies, sound engineering or music. In this career, like in most of other occupations of film industry, the experience, tenacity, and luck are essential to achieve success.

Special Effects Director

The special effects director uses computers creatively to alter the filmed images with the purpose of generate interesting effects as fire, storms, explosions, or a battle in unknown planets; it is the responsibility of the special effects team to make all of these disasters. They are also in charge of the special make up such as blood or deformations.

In small film projects, most of the time, only a person is needed to manage the special effects, for big projects, however, the tasks are divided among many people and it is usually to hire to diverse companies.

Many people, work in this task, need to be creative, inventive and imaginative. As the technology plays an important role nowadays in almost all the special effects, also need to have training in computers and, depending on their specialization area, they need to have training in high-technology equipment.