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The Art Institute of Seattle (AI Digital Filmmaking & Video Production)

An Art Institute education is not a process where we hand you skills and knowledge. You must take responsibility and get involved. Here, you learn from artists and professionals in a hands-on environment. You have the opportunity to make both professional contacts and lifelong friends. On your part it means engaging fully, eyes and mind wide open.

"There continues to be a convergence in the film, television, and video industries, which inherently demands an increasing divergence in training for employment in these fields. This program addresses these changes through additional courses in scriptwriting, directing, special effects, delivery, and the business side of production while at the same time enabling the student to focus on their primary area of interest."

Our Digital Filmmaking & Video Production program is designed to meet the increasing demands of the marketplace and build upon the foundational skills of our associate’s degree program. In our bachelor's degree program you'll learn more about scriptwriting, lighting, motion graphics and effects, audio post, and the business of production.

You'll go on to learn about the art and craft of digital filmmaking including call sheets and production boards, art direction, rehearsing and directing actors, the studio system, and funding and marketing both your work and your vision.

No matter what your chosen career path is, you'll have 33 weeks to prepare, produce, and post your capstone portfolio piece. You'll then use your bachelor's-level portfolio, the culmination of your education and hard work, as your calling card to break into the industry, realize your goals, and make a difference.

School name:The Art Institute of SeattleAI Digital Filmmaking & Video Production
Address:2323 Elliott Avenue
Zip & city:WA 98121 Washington
Phone:(800) 275-2471

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AI Digital Filmmaking & Video Production Film School Location

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