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Ames Media Institute (Film, Media and Entertainment Studies)

We set up the Ames Media Institute (AMI) to provide opportunities for aggressive and self-motivated students to learn to tell stories using film and entertainment software.

We decided to start with a free course, because it seems like the fairest way to let potential students know what film studies involve. The free filmmaking course is fairly simple--not overly burdened with detail, and not very media intensive--but it serves the purpose. It gives students the chance to see the breadth of film study, and to experience the process for themselves.

Frankly, a lot of students sign up for the free course, and never go any further. That is just fine with us, since we would rather have students learn on "our nickel" than pay tuition, only to find out that our DIY Method is not their style.

First, accept that you must do it yourself. No one else can make you a filmmaker or a media developer. Not even if you pay them 100 grand for a "film degree."

Accept that you're on your own, especially if you don't have that 100 grand. But you are not alone. More than ever, there are so many talented and motivated people who want to do the same thing you do.

They're not your competition. They're your partners. Find them. Work with them. Create great stuff. Rule the world.

Learn much, learn fast. Improve your skills. Start here. And don't ever quit.

School name:Ames Media Institute (Film, Media and Entertainment Studies)
Address:4280 Tamiami Trail East, Suite 302
Zip & city:FL 34112 Florida

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Ames Media Institute (Film, Media and Entertainment Studies) Film School Location

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