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Aria Motion Pictures

Aria earned that reputation early in our history due to the little company's BIG results. Manned by a very small staff, Aria continues to create both contracted and internal content at big level results, from just a small group of folks. This is what has attracted larger companies to continuously hire our staff members for the big projects. Unfortunately, in the past, keeping us entirely too busy to complete a lot of our own. Not the case any more...

The company's main production/coordination facility is located in the Central (Orlando) Florida area, in the city of Melbourne (on the East Coast), having been relocated from San Diego, California. We still maintain satellite operations in our native San Diego, as well as bases in Hollywood (CA) and the Eastern Caribbean. The corporation headquarters is in Wilmington, Delaware.

As we have no "ego" to get in the way, Aria does projects both large and small, with nothing either too big, nor too small. Aria even has it's own helicopter for internal and production use. We have created a few of our own television series, a large number of commercials, documentaries, dramas, but again, has spent far too much time serving as support crews and crew members for many other companies.

Aria's "theatrical release" feature film work has, so far, been restricted to support operations on other companies projects; things as large as Titanic, and as small as the "movie of the week." Other feature film work has scaled all the way down to mentoring student productions for universities. The few cable released shows have come and gone without creating a big fuss, but we've been saving the good stuff until now.

For the past year the staff's schedules have been rather consumed with helicopter missions (due to excessive demand), and organizing Eastern Caribbean operations. With things now working at an more even pace, it is time for the company to get back to the day to day business of television production, and pre-planning for the first of Aria's own theatrical releasable feature film projects (as well as pre-production of Aria's third television series).

We have crews for everything from electronic news gathering, celebrity wedding shows (you don't need to be a celebrity), television commercials and technical/training productions; all the way up to your own full-length feature film. Yes, if you have the budget, we can shoot an entire movie for you, and if done using today's inexpensive digital media, it can actually be rather inexpensive. After all, that's what made Aria "the little giant" in the first place!.

School name:Aria Motion Pictures
Zip & city: California
Phone:(619) 669-6892

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