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Carleton University (Art History and Film Studies)

n 1991, the Departments of Art History, Film Studies, and Music joined together to form the School for Studies in Art and Culture.

Having three academic programs in one School allows students to take advantage of interdisciplinary approaches: we benefit from the shared knowledge of faculty in all three disciplines, in separate and common degree programs.

Students get early exposure to careers in art and culture through the School's practicum programs.

The School also advises students who wish to pursue courses in an area of the visual and performing arts for a B.A. in Directed Interdisciplinary Studies.

The Film Studies program offered by the School for Studies in Art and Culture is one of the largest and one of the most respected of its kind in Canada. Its distinctiveness is founded on a wide range of attributes. Its curriculum introduces students to a variety of approaches to the moving image, from feature films to television and new interactive technologies.

Over their 3 or 4 year BA programs, students acquire specialized knowledge concerning theory, historiography, various national cinemas (including Canadian, American, British, French, Latin American), the main currents within film making since its beginnings (styles, artistic movements, political agendas) and the works of some of the world's most influential filmmakers.

Along with this specialized knowledge, Film Studies addresses broader questions having to do with the analysis of culture, society, and industry. As such, Film Studies sees itself in agreement with the interdisciplinary ideals promoted by the School for Studies in Art and Culture.

School name:Carleton University Art History and Film Studies
Address:1125 Colonel By Drive
Zip & city:K1S 5B6 Ontario
Phone:(613) 520-5606

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