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Koninklijke Academie Schone Kunsten DKO (Atelier Film & Videokunst)

Workshop Film and Video are based on 3 disciplines: fiction, non-fiction and experiments. In workshop fiction you create, develop and/or you work up a story into a scenario to be filmed. You work with your own ideas, memories and themes. The obtained material is transmitted in scenes which are then treated as dramaturgist units. Starting from this scenario the complete production process is looked over. Ideas for non-fiction may be found everywhere. An entertaining documentary film asks for a good angle of incidence, concern of the maker and interesting principal persons. In the non-fiction workshop you invent and look out for an idea for a documentary film. The idea develops into an enchaining story. These workshops try to get the piece beautifully staged. Most important are: image-language, cutting, stage-setting, picture and play production, script, working on the set, the organizing aspects of the production, lighting, camera-man, assembling, sound... Next to the attention for tradition is the most important subject: experiment. What are the new story-possibilities within the media? How do you get the public/listener in the experience? In the experimental workshop you question the new media and the video medium, and their relevance in today's artistic practice. Developing ideas, methods and ways of presentation are at the basis of the workshop. Technical solutions are always sought after in accordance with the artistic insights. Tecnnic can also shape artistic ideas. The workshop is more of an open, dynamic laboratorium, in which different kinds of projects can be realised, like videoprojects, installations, interactive projects.

The workshop Film and Video works with modules. These modules succeed themselves enabling you to improve your course. The lessons ( /- 16 hrs pro 14 days) are a mix of artistic training, theory and technique. The courses are given on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday (according to the year) during day-time or in the evening.

School name:Koninklijke Academie Schone Kunsten DKOAtelier Film & Videokunst
Address:Blindenstraat 7
Zip & city:B2000 Antwerpen (VLG)
Phone:+32 32137160

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Atelier Film & Videokunst Film School Location

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