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Tallinn University (Baltic Film and Media School )

The Baltic Film and Media School (BFM) was founded by the Council of Tallinn University on March 28, 2005 as an independent educational and academic institution. The Statutes of BFM were approved and the Council of BFM comprising 12 members who are representing different educational, cultural, film and TV institutions from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Nordic film schools was launched.

The launch of BFM was supported by the Nordic Baltic Film Fund, Estonian Film Foundation, Tallinn University, Estonian Television, Estonian Academy of Arts and Estonian Ministry of Culture. BFM started its academic activity in January 2006 when Tallinn University film and video department (launched in 1992) and the Media School of Audentes University (launched in 1997) were merged. The number of students is 177.

Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media School is intended to be developed into an innovative educational centre for the audiovisual sector in the Baltic Region. In its admission policy, the school will maintain approximately equal numbers of students from each of the Baltic States; students from countries outside the Baltic states will be accepted with a preference for students from Nordic and European Countries in order to further cross-border cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region.

The teaching, research and other academic activities will be developed in three main directions – film arts, TV broadcasting, audio-visual media and communication management. BFM will actively seek to carry out projects and exchange programs with universities and TV and film studios internationally as a way of involving academic and professional expertise. One of the school’s important aim is also to integrate the film and media industries in the Baltic States through standard-setting education, to enhance their international competitiveness and raise of professional standards.

The BFM curricula and technical facilities have been designed to conform to the trends of the audio-visual industry. The school will offer students a purpose designed state of art digital audio-visual environment. The BFM will have a strong emphasis on practical training while also being authorized to issue academic degrees. In addition to internal degree programs at BA and MA levels, the BFM aims to offer training courses targeted at professionals already practicing in the field in order to improve the quality of audio-visual production and enhance the integrated development of creative industries in the region.

School name:Tallinn UniversityBaltic Film and Media School
Address:Sütiste str. 21
Zip & city:13419 Harjumaa
Phone:+372 6268 124

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