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Berkeley Digital Film Institute

The Program

Berkeley Digital is a 16-month, high-intensity filmmaking program, located within one of the most prestigious filmmaking centers in the world, and focused on the creation of the next generation of Producers and Directors in the following arenas:

Motion Picture Production
Documentary Production and Environmental Documentary Production
Music Video Production and
Commercials Production.

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Your Instructors

Our instructors are part of a community of feature film makers who have worked for George Lucas, Francis and Sofia Coppola, The Wachowski Brothers, and a significant number of other Northern California feature filmmakers who have made it happen in the Bay Area.

More importantly, they have also worked for Stephen Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Joe Pytka, and a significant number of Los Angeles- , New York-, and London-based producers, directors, and production companies, and have been working, for years, in the “expectations environment” which filmmaking in these cities personifies.

Our track record

Although Berkeley Digital is a new school, it has a history and a legacy.

Its’ founder, Patrick Kriwanek, was the Director of the Academy of Art University's film program for six years, during its' period of record growth and output. During that period, the film program grew from 79 students to over 900 students, and students in the program won more than 40 national and international awards, including (2 Gold and one Silver) Clios at the national level.

Your class size

Your class size is limited to 12, and in this high-touch, mentor-apprentice environment, students have the guaranteed face time they need to have their individual needs addressed and met.

Our students are also exposed to more than 80 additional filmmakers during their 16 months of instruction.

In this high-contact, mentor-driven style, augmented by the presence of multiple guest lecturers per class term, students hear "multiple voices" and are exposed to a large number of different filmmaking styles and approaches.

Berkeley Digital's style is to develop small, connected cadres of filmmakers who collaborate to help finish one another's projects over the course of 16 months.

Our Facility and Equipment

Our facility was chosen by David Fincher, David Lynch, John Waters, and 189 other directors for the finishing of their major motion pictures.

Our facility was built by the Saul Zeantz Company for the editing and re-recording requirements of "Amadeus" and "The English Patient", and it also became the home for the creation, editing, and finishing of more than 200 major motion pictures, including Seven, Twin Peaks, K-19, Ghost World and many more.

Films posted at the facility have earned 26 Academy Awards, including 3 for Best Picture, and 3 for Best Sound in a Motion Picture.

The facility houses Stage 2, a 5.1 surround sound Dolby re-recording theater, with a 64-track Otari Premiere automated console, supported by 64 tracks of advanced 24-bit ProTools and a dedicated machine room with engineering support.

For master classes and lectures, the facility houses Stage 3, a 66-seat, 5.1 surround sound Dolby mixing theater designed by Jeff Cooper, with 35mm and High Definition projection capabilities.

The facility also houses 6 Final Cut Studio Editing suites with Pro Tools M2 boxes, 2 Avid Adrenalines and a 30- by 42 foot green screen stage.

School name:Berkeley Digital Film Institute
Address:2600 10th Street
Zip & city:CA 94710 California
Phone:(510) 549-3456

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Berkeley Digital Film Institute Film School Location

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