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Chicago Filmmakers

Chicago Filmmakers is a 30 year-old media arts organization that fosters the creation, appreciation and understanding of film and video as media for artistic and personal expression, as well as media of important social and community impact. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for artists to make films outside the mainstream marketplace, to distribute and exhibit this work, as well as to build audiences and to increase media attention for it. Recognizing the impact of mass media in contemporary society, it is additionally our goal to provide culturally diverse audiences with alternative images to those reflected in mainstream media and to broaden access to media education to include those typically left out of the process.

For over 30 years, Chicago Filmmakers has been dedicated to providing a showcase for the work of innovative independent film and video makers and to developing new audiences and increased media attention for their work. Chicago Filmmakers's exhibition program fosters public awareness and appreciation of film and video as media for artistic personal expression, as well as media of social/political impact, and seeks to provide culturally diverse audiences with alternative images to those reflected in mainstream media. C.F. Screenings usually presents weekly programs in a variety of formats, such as thematic series, festivals, juried shows, open screenings, regional shows, traveling tours, one-person shows, retrospectives, and multimedia programs. C.F. Screenings is one of the few exhibitors in the city that regularly features short films and tapes, and maintains a tradition of presenting artists in person as often as possible to discuss their work with the audience.

C.F. Screenings plays a significant role in its area by exposing local audiences to work that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to see. C.F. Screenings seeks to challenge its audiences with work which takes risks, is aesthetically innovative, and thought-provoking. C.F. Screenings also gives a forum for work which seeks to illuminate points of view often not conveyed in mainstream media.C.F. Screenings' programming philosophy is to give exposure to a broad range of films and videos that reflect the diversity of independent artists. C.F. Screenings' programming is distinctive in that it places special emphasis on experimental film and video, social issue documentaries, local work, and work that reflects diversity in ethnic, gender, racial and sexual identity, both in terms of the content of the work as well as the artists who create the work. Several programs are developed to reach traditionally underserved audiences, and efforts are made to create a programming balance of films and videos of different artistic styles, work by artists of different ethnic or racial backgrounds, work by new and emerging as well as established artists, American and foreign work, and work by women and men. Because of C.F. Screenings' practice of seeking out new work, many talented but unknown artists have had their first shows at Chicago Filmmakers.

School name:Chicago Filmmakers
Address:5243 N. Clark Street 2nd Floor
Zip & city:IL 60640 Illinois
Phone:(773) 293-1447

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Chicago Filmmakers Film School Location

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