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Baker University (College of Arts and Sciences)

Baker University was founded by the Methodist Church in 1858 as the first university in Kansas. At the heart of the institution rests Baker’s College of Arts and Sciences, which comprises the main campus in Baldwin City, Kansas.

The College offers a life enhancing experience that promotes rigorous scholarship and integrates student learning, student development, and student engagement in ways that educate the whole person and inspire student success and fulfillment.

Liberal arts education provides the foundation of the College educational experience for all academic programs, including those leading to a professional degree. The curriculum is infused with exposure to ethical considerations, experiential learning opportunities, and thoughtful reflection that, together, help students translate theory and research into practical tools for principled-decision making and creative problem solving at work, at home, and in the global community. This intentional combination of liberal arts, professional programs, and experiential learning is designed to produce open-minded critical thinkers who understand diverse people and perspectives and are prepared to lead in their chosen profession.

By encouraging faith and values exploration and deliberately surrounding the students with meaningful opportunities for student development and engagement in learning communities outside the classroom and beyond campus borders, we encourage each student to embrace our core values of community, character, and responsible citizenship. These pursuits reflect a steadfast belief in the relevance and importance of liberal arts education and a resolute commitment to our United Methodist heritage.

Students who take courses in this department can be as active as you want to be from your freshman year through graduation. The student-run Baker Orange newspaper and it’s online site, Baker Wildcat yearbook, KNBU-TV, and KNBU-FM 89.7 give students the hands-on experience they need to prepare them for successful and rewarding careers. Classroom instruction provides students with both the theory and the philosophy of communication.

School name:Baker UniversityCollege of Arts and Sciences
Address:618 Eighth Street
Zip & city:KS 66006-0065 Kansas
Phone:(785) 594-6451

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