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Saddleback Community College (Communication Arts)

Our Vision is inspire and develop through excellence in education a community of diverse learners dedicated to achieving their full potential in our global society.

Our Mission is provide access to learning opportunities that promote student success; to foster intellectual growth, individual expression, and character development; and to support a dynamic and diverse environment of innovation and collegiality.

or more than 20 years, the Communication Arts Department has been known for giving students hands on experience. This means that you design your film, you shoot it, and you edit it. We’ve always put the concept of bringing the “real world” into the classroom as a priority.

Recently, George Lucas said, “ I’ll probably never shoot a movie on film again.” (Film and Video, June 2001) He is currently shooting “Star Wars Episode II” on high-definition video instead of 35mm or 70mm film. Why would a top filmmaker make this statement? Because digital video is now the preferred shooting format for many filmmakers who formerly shot in Super 8, 16mm or 35mm film. For the past several years, all network sitcoms and hour dramas were shot on film and transferred to video for editing and broadcasting. Starting this year, it’s estimated that at least half of those shows will be shooting on digital video starting for the fall season 2001.

Learn how to make films the way they’ll be made from now on! Saddleback’s Communication Arts Department will be offering digital courses designed to help you succeed in the field, including outstanding 1 to 2 day workshops for students who want to specialize in a specific area of filmmaking.
We’ll continue to teach the traditional approach of concept to final edit in terms of visual storytelling, aesthetics, composition, directing, producing, cinematography, lighting, audio and editing.
But now all of the film classes are being taught on digital video. Both the beginning and advanced film production courses are taught using 3-chip digital video technology. You’ll also learn state-of-the-art editing software like Adobe Premiere 6, Final-Cut Pro, and Media 100.

School name:Saddleback Community CollegeCommunication Arts
Address:28000 Marguerite Parkway
Zip & city:CA 92692 California
Phone:(949) 582-4500

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