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Compass Academy

Compass Academy is a unique film and video academy. We specialize in preparing students for the film and video industry while building on faith issues in our culture.

Compass Academy is a non-profit film school that focuses on storytelling through the medium of film and digital video. Recognizing the impact that media has on culture, we share with you the passion to develop, create, and execute films and are striving to create stories that speak the truth of humanity.

The Academy is designed for passionate students who want to become trained filmmakers. We offer a number of courses focusing on storytelling, producing, editing, and screenwriting.

The teaching method follows a discipleship and training model, rather than the more rigid and structured model of most academic institutions. As such, we extend our trust to the students and expect a healthy sense of personal responsibility from them. Students are mentored in the power of media arts as well as apprenticed in film and media production. This relaxed structure allows them to be brought inside actual creative sessions in an exciting “boundry-less” environment.

Believing that students learn the most from real-world experiences, it is our goal to provide opportunities for students to take-advantage of. Compass Academy has been placing interns on different feature-length films for the last three years! Our past successes in placing students on feature films continues to pay off as our students prove themselves to be well-trained and proficient in their visual crafts time and time again. Tom Stern, Director of Photography on films such as Mystic River and Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius, commented “the Compass students have been a big help. They’re like renaissance filmmakers.”

Hollywood’s top talents are getting involved with our students. Film professionals such as David Weiss (Writer of Shrek 2, Clock Stoppers), Ralph Winter (Producer of X-Men, X-men 2, Planet of the Apes, Star Trek, Fantastic Four), Rick Eldridge (Producer of Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius) have resonated with the purpose of our program and have poured themselves into our students.

Compass Academy also has become a hub of student filmmaking. Many of our 400+ Alumni are working on short films that are being shot almost weekly out of our facility. A growing community of collaborating young filmmakers is developing!

School name:Compass Academy
Address:560 Fifth St. NW Suite 110
Zip & city:MI 49504 Michigan
Phone:(616) 458-4238

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