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Indiana University (Department of Communication and Culture)

Students in the Department of Communication and Culture explore the cultural dimensions and implications of communication practices from oral and written language, to film, television, and digital media. With faculty clustered in three interconnected areas - rhetoric and public culture, performance and ethnographic studies, and media studies - the Department provides students with an innovative, interdisciplinary program that combines history and theory with critical practice. We offer students a wide variety of courses and a flexible and challenging curriculum designed to encourage students to engage the complex relations between communication and culture.

The study of media focuses primarily on cinema, radio, television, and new media in U.S. and international contexts. Within the tradition of humanistic scholarship, we focus on the theory, history, and criticism of each medium, as well as the vital points of intersection that define them in an increasingly integrated media landscape. We examine the industries, technologies, authors, genres, and forms involved in media production, distribution, exhibition, and reception worldwide. Throughout, we are engaged with the theoretical and cultural implications of media practices and texts, particularly as they raise issues concerning: the operations of media industries; the relations between communication forms, technologies, and the structure of everyday life; the aesthetics and politics of narrative, documentary, and avant-garde media; globalization and the transnational relationships between cultures and peoples; national, racial, ethnic, gender, class, and sexual identities; and the interpretive activities of audiences. To provide an important hands-on component, Media Studies offers a series of film and video production courses.

School name:Indiana UniversityDepartment of Communication and Culture
Address:Ashton Center - Mottier Hall, 1790 E. 10th St.
Zip & city:IN 47405 Indiana
Phone:(812) 855-7217

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