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Bilkent University (Department of Communication and Design)

Modern media of communication are a leading force in the contemporary process of globalization. The major aim of the Department of Communication and Design is to educate media professionals who are both knowledgeable about global culture and art, and competent in recent developments in modern technology of communications, especially visual technologies. Students are provided with a wide range of courses on interpersonal communication and individual presentation, forms and techniques of public and mass communication, visual design and visual studies, advertising, marketing and public relations, basic computer and Internet knowledge. The visual design and communication courses in practical fields such as photography, television, computer and video are conducted in computer labs with the most developed visual design programs, photography studios with large format professional cameras and very well-equipped video lab. Since the department's philosophy is to educate both creative and responsible media professionals, it also includes several must and elective courses on the ethical, legal and social problems related with mass communication.

The Department of Communication and Design offers Master of Arts program in Media and Visual Studies. The M.A. program aims to prepare students for careers in the media and communications sector as well as academic careers. It provides students with a sophisticated conceptual framework and analytical skills to enable them to make original contributions to media, visual and cultural analysis by specializing in a particular aspect of Turkish or international media such as film, television, internet or print media. The program encourages free and creative thinking, emphasizing research, analysis, interpretation, and criticism. Aiming at improving the standards of Turkish media, visual and cultural studies, the program encourages theoretical, interdisciplinary, and comparative approaches.

School name:Bilkent UniversityDepartment of Communication and Design
Address:Bilkent University Main Campus
Zip & city:06800 Ankara
Phone:+90 0312 290 17 49

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