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University of Washington (Department of Communication)

Communication is a process that creates and reveals meanings, relationships, and cultural patterns. The mission of the Department of Communication at the University of Washington is to advance the study and practice of communication across a range of contexts, including face-to-face interactions, public discourse, mass media, and digital media. Our research and teaching aim to enhance critical awareness of communication's role in an increasingly global society. Using both humanistic and social scientific approaches, we focus on six interrelated areas: communication and culture, communication technology and society, international communication, political communication, rhetoric and critical studies, and social interaction. Faculty, staff, and students work across these domains to cultivate a collaborative and inclusive scholarly community.

At the graduate level, the Department presents students with an integrated curriculum founded upon principles of intellectual and cultural pluralism, interdisciplinary, innovation through collaboration, and public scholarship. Undergraduate study develops communication literacy, teaches important methods of inquiry, theories, and concepts, and promotes community engagement. A concentration in journalism prepares selected undergraduates for careers in media.

The Master of Communication (M.C.) in Digital Media is a professional degree focused in three concentrations: digital media content creation, management, and policy.

Today's traditional and new media companies face the technical, legal and ethical challenges of delivering sound, pictures, text and video in a digital format. The Master of Communication in Digital Media addresses the demand for communication professionals trained in the production and management of digital media. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of design principles, research, law, policy, history, economics, and social implications.

School name:University of WashingtonDepartment of Communication
Address:4311 - 11th Ave. NE
Zip & city:WA 98195-3740 Washington
Phone:(206) 543-2660

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