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California State University - Long Beach (Department of Film & Electronic Arts)

The Department of Film and Electronic Arts believes that theory informs practice and that practice refines theory. To that end the department offers two options for majors; one in critical theory including the history of film, the other in the production. Our faculty engages in innovative research and production. Craig Smith has written a filmic biography of Arthur Kennedy and The Four Freedoms of the First Amendment. Jack Anderson is a noted Hollywood cinematographer. Micheal Pounds' publications in cultural studies and his radio production work are well known. Jose’ Sanchez-H is a noted film restorationist and creator. Sharyn Blumenthal’s film "The Phoenix Effect" has been shown at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and is now part of its permanent archive. Michael Berlin and Brian Alan Lane have written for many successful television series. Alan Jacobs, a former Vice President of Hallmark Films, is an expert in documentary production.

Our students are on the cutting edge of new short films. Ifilm has two of our students’ films in the top ten nationally. Last year, our students won four out of the five top awards at the CSU Media Arts Festival. Many of our students have gone on to become successful in Hollywood. John Dykstra won an Oscar for Special Effects for "Star Wars." Mark Steven Johnson was the writer and director for "Daredevil." Stu Rosen has won ten Emmy’s mainly for his work in children’s television. Guy Bee was the Director of Photography for "ER," before he directed several episodes. Ron Simonson is a noted director of photography with many film credits. Jonathan Lawton wrote "Pretty Woman." David Twohy wrote "Terminal Velocity" and "The Fugitive" and wrote and directed "Pitch Black" and "The Chronicles of Riddick." And, of course, Steven Spielberg has more credits than we can list here.

The number of applicants to the major in Film and Electronic Arts exceeds the number that can be accommodated by the Department's facilities and resources. For this reason, the Film and Electronic Arts program has been designated as impacted by the California State University. Applicants for admission to the University with a major in Film and Electronic Arts will be designated as pre-majors and assigned a pre-major code. Acceptance into the pre-major category does not imply or assure subsequent acceptance into the major. Similarly, acceptance into the premajor is not a prerequisite for admission into the major.

Some FEA courses are open to nonmajors as well as majors. Completion of any of these university-wide courses does not imply acceptance into the major. Admission into the major is only open to matriculated students in the university and is determined solely on the basis of meeting all of the supplemental criteria stated in the course catalogue for Film and Electronic Arts.

School name:California State University - Long BeachDepartment of Film & Electronic Arts
Address:1250 Bellflower Boulevard
Zip & city:CA 90840 California
Phone:(562) 985-5404

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