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Boston University (Department of Film & Television)

Boston University ranks among the world’s top universities, and many of our College of Communication programs are widely regarded as the very best nationally and internationally

The Department is divided into two programs: Film and Television. Film and television have developed as individual media with their own histories of production techniques, artistic disciplines, content, and business operations. However, there is much sharing and mutual influence between these media. New technologies and increased concentration of media ownership already blur many of the traditional distinctions between media, and many career opportunities span both film and television.

The Department of Film and Television responds to this situation by providing flexible programs of study. Although students are required to select an area of concentration in the second semester of the sophomore year - either the film or the television program - they also have options for tailoring a major that fits their interests and career goals. Students may vary the number of courses in hands-on production, critical studies, and management-related courses.
The College of Communication provides facilities and equipment for instruction in studio and field production in both video and film. Students are responsible for videotape, film, and film processing expenses.

Students are encouraged to participate in the extracurricular activities of the student-operated radio station, WTBU; the student television organization, BUTV; Neighborhood Network News; the student-run video organization, Television Production Hothouse; and the student chapters of various professional organizations.

The Department of Film and Television offers Master of Science (MS) degree programs in Television and Television Management and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree programs in Film. A dual degree MBA/MS in Television Management is also available. The programs and areas of study in the department are both academic and professional. Graduate students are expected to examine, probe, and study the history and literature of their chosen field: its role in the communication process, its creative and technical development, its organization, its economic impact and development, and its aesthetic, social, and cultural developments and implications. As part of its professional emphasis, the department provides an opportunity for practical work in both the classroom and the field.

School name:Boston UniversityDepartment of Film & Television
Address:One Sherborn Street
Zip & city:MA 02215 Massachusetts
Phone:(617) 353-3483

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