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RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) (Department of Film, Animation and Video)

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), founded in 1877 in Providence, RI, is a vibrant community of artists and designers that includes 2,200 students from around the world, approximately 350 faculty and curators, and 400 staff members. Each year more than 200 prominent artists, critics, authors and philosophers visit our historic College Hill campus.

RISD F/A/V programs of study lead to the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts. The department counts directors Martha Coolidge ’68 and Gus Van Sant ’75 and animator Seth MacFarlane ’95, among its many prominent alumni. The popular Film/Animation/Video Festival held each spring features the work of upperclass F/A/V majors.

The Film/Animation/Video curriculum emphasizes the form, content, and structure of images moving in time. The program teaches you the technical skills necessary to produce artistic and professional photographic, electronic and animated moving images. Students will learn to work in narrative, experimental, and documentary live action forms as well as animation. Some students may also choose to produce work that encompasses film and video within installations and performance art.

In your sophomore year, you will attend production classes in all three departmental disciplines: film, animation and video. As a junior, however, your focus becomes more concentrated on either live action or animation. In the senior year, students design and complete a degree project that is based in either film, animation, video, computer animation or combined media.

The Film/Animation/Video Department is equipped to accommodate students working in all relevant disciplines. Facilities include shooting and lighting studios for film, video, 16 mm, 35 mm and puppet animation; digital editing and sound mixing rooms; film-to-tape transfer equipment; screening rooms; and a 600-seat auditorium with film and video projection. Various types of film and video cameras are available for student use. State of- the-art computer resources include CGI and Macintosh workstations with a full professional range of production and editing software.

School name:RISD (Rhode Island School of Design)Department of Film, Animation and Video
Address:Two College Street
Zip & city:RI 02903 Rhode Island
Phone:(401) 454-6300

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