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Missouri State University (Department of Media, Journalism and Film)

In 2006-2007, we welcome Shawn Maxfield who will teach in our Electronic Arts program, and Diana Botsford, who will teach in our screenwriting program. This fall, we are delighted to bring back to Missouri State University the Manhattan Short Film Festival, a very successful and entertaining event that we are pleased to host. In addition, we are introducing this year our first undergraduate certificate program in screenwriting for both traditional and nontraditional students.

The Department consists of the following majors, a B.S. in Mass Media with a concentration in Media Production and Digital Film Production, a B.A. or B.S. in Media Studies, Film Studies and Media Operations (with a required minor), a B.S. in Journalism emphasizing in Print or Broadcast (with a required minor) and a B.A. in Electronic Arts with an emphases in Audio, Video, Computer Animation, or Multimedia Studies (with a required minor).

Programs offered through the Department of Media, Journalism & Film are designed to prepare students for various careers, including audio and video production, multimedia design, print and broadcast journalism, and media management. All also provide students with a solid foundation for graduate work.

I am very proud of our dedicated community of life scholars-teachers-practitioners. Our exceptional faculty currently includes 12 full-time faculty and a full-time support staff of three trained specialists. Our faculty includes filmmakers, multi-media and web artists, print and broadcast journalists, and film and media scholars. I believe that it is this diversity of specialties, perspectives, and methods that make our department an exciting place to pursue an undergraduate major.

School name:Missouri State UniversityDepartment of Media, Journalism and Film
Address:901 South National Ave.
Zip & city:MO 65897 Missouri
Phone:(417) 836-5218

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