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Northwestern University at Evanston (Department of Radio/Television/Film)

The Department of Radio/Television/Film offers undergraduate and graduate education in the history, theory, and production of media. Our educational orientation is broad-based and interdisciplinary. We offer a range of perspectives on media forms from cinema to broadcast television to alternative media to emerging technologies. We emphasize that media are social and cultural practices in dialogue with the broader contexts of the humanities.

Our department is dedicated to integrating theory and practice, to creating intersections with other disciplines, and to fostering cutting-edge media production. We value originality, critical analysis, creativity, and vision, in both scholarly research and creative work. Our goal is to educate students and citizens to critically interpret contemporary media, envision alternative structures in theory and in practice, and reinvent the media of the future.

Working within a full gamut of styles and genres in a wide range of media, including digital video and computer-generated images, students in the department have produced narrativefiction, documentaries, computer animation, experimental work, interactive CD-ROMs, educational programs, commercials, video installations, and Internet sites. These works have received awards and won critical acclaim at festivals and in other media venues in the United States and abroad.

Chicago is rich in resources for viewing and research. The Museum of Broadcast Communications houses early television and radio materials; the Video Data Bank at the School of the Art Institute collects and works with experimental video production and art forms; and the Gene Siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute presents a diverse and challenging film series.

School name:Northwestern University at EvanstonDepartment of Radio/Television/Film
Address:1800 Sherman Ave., Suite 106
Zip & city:IL 60201 Illinois
Phone:(847) 491-7315

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