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Clark University (Department of Visual & Performing Arts)

Clark's vibrant intellectual environment is built upon three key "signatures" of a Clark education. Clark students "Learn Through Inquiry," "Make a Difference" and "Experience Diverse Cultures." These signatures permeate campus life in many ways: through courses, independent projects, internships and other learning opportunities; through research and social action, both locally and globally; through interactions with the eclectic members of the Clark community and study-abroad experiences. All of these signatures are supported and explored by Clark's faculty and staff, who are just as eclectic and involved as Clark students.

The Department of Visual and Performing Arts consists of scholars and artists whose areas of expertise encompass different disciplines in the arts: art history, studio art, music, screen studies and theatre arts. Although each of these is a distinct, degree-granting program with its own faculty, curriculum and majors, there is collaboration among these programs in matters of courses, artistic production and performance. This includes collaborative work between screen studies and music, studio art and music, and theatre arts and studio art, resulting in offerings such as:

Soundtracks: A cross-listed course in Music, Screen Studies and Communication and Culture. In this course, taught by Professor Matthew Malsky, students study the development of audio in films and television, the process of creating a soundtrack and how technological advancements have redefined the art of film making.

Creation: A performace of the Clark Univeristy Concert Choir, Chamber Chorus and Sinfonia spanning themes of creation including set and art design by our Studio Art and Theater students.

Behind the Scenes: Sets & Costumes—An exhibit in our Schiltkamp Gallery of set designs and costumes created by technical theater director, Christine Weinrobe and costume designer, Professor Katherine Quick Spingler.
Endeavors such as these have, in turn, made V&PA offerings an important part of the University’s integrative academic initiatives.

The increasingly integrative spirit of the Visual and Performing Arts at Clark, together with the growth of courses using computer technology, particularly those in graphic design, video editing and computer music, demonstrates the department’s commitment to new directions in the arts.

School name:Clark UniversityDepartment of Visual & Performing Arts
Address:950 Main Street
Zip & city:MA 01610 Massachusetts
Phone:(508) 793-7711

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