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Cogswell Polytechnical College (Digital Motion Pictures)

Cogswell Polytechnical College has a long and distinguished history as a California institution of higher education. Continuously dedicated to preparing its students for success and leadership in the world around it, Cogswell has always been associated with best practice in the industries and communities it serves.

Today, Cogswell’s students are educated to enter into converging global industries in such fields as videogames, digital cinema, digital audio, digital animation and the engineering sciences and professions. This combination of the digital arts with engineering and technology, along with a broad foundation in general education, means that our students graduate with bachelor’s degrees and move quickly into the world. The skills and attitudes they explore and develop here serve them well in professions that are changing almost daily.

The Digital Motion Picture Program focuses on the form, content, and structure of digital video for the screen and for the web. The program teaches the technical tools necessary to produce professional video content with artistry and originality. A core of theory, history, and production courses support the development of innovative and intelligent content in the narrative, documentary, and experimental genres. Students collaborate with others in the animation and audio program to practice the industry content to delivery pipeline for motion pictures in the Cogswell classroom environment.

The digital revolution is democratizing the cinema. Unprecedented access to technology, and the low cost of production are opening doors to allow a new generation of diverse filmmakers to develop their own creative voice. The DMP Program develops artistic expression in script and proposal writing, story development, production, cinematography, audio recording and mixing, special effects, theory, history, marketing and distribution. Students practice the art of filmmaking throughout their time at Cogswell. Classes are project-based and hands-on starting in the first semester and continuing throughout the degree program. The last three terms are devoted to the pre-production, production and post-production of a senior motion picture project.

Graduates of the DMP Program are prepared for future employment as independent filmmakers, director/producers, editors, sound technicians, lighting technicians, cinematographers, special effect artists, motion graphics designers, documentary filmmakers, distributors, curators, film festival programmers.

School name:Cogswell Polytechnical CollegeDigital Motion Pictures
Address:1175 Bordeaux Drive
Zip & city:CA 94089 California
Phone:(408) 541-0100

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