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University of Applied Sciences Lippe and Höxter (Fachbereich Medienproduktion)

The Bachelor and International Master courses in "Mediaproduction" offered by our department represent up-to-date professional training in the field of new media.

Together with creative and economic aspects, significant emphasis is placed on the materialization of media projects and products. By way of team-oriented work and special assessment criteria, not only specialized content but also methodical procedure and social competence is induced.

Parallel to the official curriculum the department offers many opportunities to gain and apply practical vocational experience; e.g. by taking an active role in "Campus Radio" or in many other activities in cooperation with other institutions and industrial organizations.

The department applies the ECTS-System (European Credit transfer System) making it possible for post graduate students to attend courses in other national and international higher education institutes where their qualifications will be recognized. There already exists a high degree of cooperation with the Conservatory for Music in Detmold, Germany and the Universidad Polytechnica de Valencia in Gandia, Spain.

School name:University of Applied Sciences Lippe and HöxterFachbereich Medienproduktion
Address:Liebigstr. 87
Zip & city:32657 Nordrhein-Westfalen
Phone:0 52 61 702 281

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