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Anadolu University (Faculty of Communication Sciences - Department of Cinema and Television)

Department of Cinema and Television, established in 1977, aims to provide education for students to become producers, directors, screenwriters and theoreticians in the area of film and television.

Curriculum balances cinema and TV production courses with an eye on balancing the thesis with practice. The required courses of the department provide students with the fundamentals that are absolutely necessary for someone who will work for film and TV industries. The elective courses focus on three major fields: Production and Directing, Screenwriting, Film Analysis and Critique. While taking the required amount of credits for graduation, the students are free to select one of the above-mentioned fields and gain practical and theoretical information on an area that they personally prefer to focus on.

The department is located within the Faculty of Communication Sciences on Yunus Emre Campus, which is the main campus of Anadolu University.

Currently 5 professors, 1 associate professor, 10 assistant professors, 3 instructors, and 2 research assistants are working in the department. There are also external faculty members teaching some of the undergraduate courses.

The decisions related with the department are made by the department board, which is composed of all faculty members in the department. The department is governed by one chair and one deputy chair. In addition, several faculty members serve as coordinators for various programs and activities.
The guiding educational philosophy of the department has been to train students as qualified professionals of the global knowledge society. Consistent with this philosophy, students are provided with strong theoretical and practical training. The faculty members serve as facilitators of the learning process, and students take major responsibility for their own learning. Professional guidance of faculty members and active involvement of students are two basic components of education in the department. A good combination of instructor-led and learner-centered approaches are employed to accomplish educational goals. Learning experiences are supported with state-of-the-art technological infrastructure. The department has close relationships with the business environment, and this collaboration is reflected on training of students.

School name:Anadolu UniversityFaculty of Communication Sciences - Department of Cinema and Television
Address:Yunusemre Kampusü
Zip & city:26470 Eskisehir
Phone:(0 222) 335 05 80

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