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Volda University College (Faculty of Media and Journalism)

Volda University College has approximately 3000 students, 150 academic staff, and about 60 technical and administrative staff. The college has long and proud traditions of higher education dating back to its foundation as a teachers’ training college established in 1895, now expanded to 4 faculties, 5 Master's Programmes, more than 30 undergraduate study programmes, and about 300 study courses offered.

Today Volda University College offers study programmes and courses in a wide variety of academic fields, administered by the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences or the Faculty of Media Studies and Journalism. Volda University College is renowned for its media studies in animation, broadcast journalism and documentary film production.

The Faculty of Media and Journalism sees its mission in line with fundamental democratic ideals and values. The programmes and courses offered through the faculty will prepare students for professional careers in media with a focus on information and public enlightening, societal criticism and the watch-dog functions of free societies. We wish to contribute to enhance the quality, knowledge level, and the diverstiy of opinions in the public discourse; aiming to bring attention to unacceptable situations and practices in society through the active utilization of the freedom of speech. These values will be reflected both in the core curriculum, syllabus, teaching methods, and through the active participation of faculty members in today's media-political debate.

Modern equipment and cutting edge technology provides the hardware for good learning environments in media studies. The Faculty of Media and Journalism aspire to be a leading institution with regards to equipment, technology, and production lines. Close conections with the Norwegian media industry and internship periods through the study programmes, provide the students networking opportunities with potential employers. The dynamic connection between theory and practice is essential in all educational programmes and courses offered through the Faculty of Media and Journalism.

During the internship and practical work periods of the courses students will participate in the running of various media sources at the Faculty of Media and Journalism. These media outlets are integral parts of the student-active teaching methods utilzed in our courses. The students will be able to work with student radio, student TV, and a regional newspaper.

The Faculty of Media and Journalism offers Bachelor's Programmes in Media Journalism (major in TV, Radio and Print Journalism) and a Bachelor's Programme in Information. In addition, the faculty offers the unique Animation Bachelor Programme. Films and comic strips from the animation section have won national and international recognition for its high academic and artistic standards. Other courses offered are Media Science, Media History, Documentary Film Making, Photography etc...

The Faculty of Media and Journalism have approximately 220 students and 25 academic and administrative staff.

School name:Volda University CollegeFaculty of Media and Journalism
Zip & city:NO-6101 Møre og Romsdal
Phone:+47 70 07 50 00

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