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Estonian Academy Of Arts (Faculty of Media Studies)

The forerunner of the present-day Estonian Academy of Arts was the Tallinn Applied Art School of the Estonian Society of Art, founded in 1914.

Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA) is the only institution in Estonia offering education at university level in the fields of art and design.

Animation studies is a general concept referring to academic research of animation directing and film-making. This knowledge is generated by several disciplines e.g. animation, scriptwriting, history of animation and media theory. Thus the background of this MA programme is trans-disciplinary. An important part of the study includes production of films and realisation of various exercises connected to the film-making process. The coursework mainly concentrates on classical and experimental techniques i.e. drawing animation, stop motion, cut-outs, sand animation, painting under the camera etc.

In the professional sense, students will direct independent projects of animated films, and will also experience the role of the film producer.

Since 1999, EAA has been taking part in the European Union educational programmes Socrates/Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci.

We have signed bilateral agreements for cooperation with many universities in several countries across Europe and America (e.g., Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and USA).

School name:Estonian Academy Of ArtsFaculty of Media Studies
Address:Tartu mnt 1
Zip & city:10145 Harjumaa
Phone:626 7301

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