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Hollins University (Film & Photography)

The film and photography major balances instruction in applied photography, filmmaking, and video-making with courses in the history, aesthetics, and cultural significance of these art forms. Hollins is the only university in the region to offer a 16mm film production program. The new still photography curriculum track offers students a wide range of courses and the option to pursue a concentration in photography. Production classes in both photography and film/video are small and are conducted in a supportive atmosphere that emphasizes personal, creative development and technical mastery of craft. Students have many opportunities to exhibit and screen their work to the campus and general public.

In addition to course work in the history of still photography, Hollins provides one of the most extensive programs in film studies in Virginia. Students can take classes that study classic Hollywood cinema, experimental cinema, and world cinema, as well as an array of courses that examine the films of individual directors, such as Ingmar Bergman or Alfred Hitchcock.

The curriculum is supplemented by visiting photographers and filmmakers who exhibit and screen their work at Hollins. And each Short Term, majors participate in internships that provide practical experience on film productions, in the television industry, art museums, and photography galleries.

What students learn in the film and photography major can be applied to careers in film, television, the visual arts, photojournalism, advertising, public relations and publishing, and is also an excellent preparation for graduate school.

School name:Hollins UniversityFilm & Photography
Address:P. O. Box 9647
Zip & city:VA 24020 Virginia
Phone:(540) 362-6308

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