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İstanbul Bilgi University (Film and Television Department)

The Film and Television Department at BİLGİ offers an educational program for the filmmakers of tomorrow. In our program we teach skills needed to make films and television productions, together with a background that offers a depth of understanding. Theory without practice is sterile, practice without theory is shallow, but brought together they empower the student to find and give form to compelling expressions of creative solutions.

Our curriculum is based on this synergy between theory and practice. Our students start by learning the basic techniques and fundamental concepts of the field. They move on to a variety of subjects in film, television and media, with the aim of developing new perspectives, particularly in digital and interactive media, web design, sound design and the like. Through this approach the student develops an awareness of the implications of technological innovation and cultural change - an awareness that allows the student to develop effective and creative approaches to new means and modes of expression.

Film-making technologies are rapidly evolving, spurred by developments in digital media that proceed at a breath-taking rate, and an emerging convergence of these technologies is becoming apparent. This digital revolution has implications for the skills and techniques required for national and international productions. Through our program we encourage our students to experience and understand the potential of this technological convergence also from an aesthetic and experimental perspective.

The Film and Television Department enhances the educational process with input from a number of enterprises. The Department is an active partner in local and international academic networks, and has relations, locally and internationally, with departments at other universities, non-academic institutions, and professional associations. We also organize a number of periodic events and activities in which the students are encouraged to participate.

Throughout their course work students enjoy hands-on experience while also being introduced to other aspects of film, television and media as institutions of industry, art and criticism. During the course of their education our students also benefit from the university’s rich resources: the knowledge and experience of the teaching staff, faculty members and other professionals, a large variety of audio-visual materials, fully-equipped broadcast-quality TV studios, computer labs, library and digital data bases.

Students can choose from a range of tracks for specialization. The curriculum is designed for flexibility: the number of core courses has been kept to a minimum, and the grouping of the elective courses makes it possible for the students to continue on a selected track. The Department offers an efficient advisory service to help each student to select and follow the track that is best suited.

The course of study is completed by the submission of a final project. Students produce a work for their graduation project - such as a short film or a feature-length screenplay - that embodies the culmination of the practical and theoretical education they received.

School name:İstanbul Bilgi UniversityFilm and Television Department
Address:İnönü Cad. No:28, Şişli
Zip & city:34387 Istanbul
Phone:+90 212 311 6 000

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