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NISS - Nordisk Institutt for Scene og Studio (Film and Television-education)

The Film and Television-education at NISS is a vocational course, aimed at giving the students basic knowledge in several fields of expertise within the film and television industry. Through the two-year courses (1st year Diploma, 2nd year Advanced Diploma with focus on either photo, editing, direction or production) the students receive classroom education on subjects like film history and script writing as well as applicatory work experience from several one camera productions.

By participating in collaborative projects at NISS, the student will get to know the same professional groups that she or he will collaborate with as a professional film worker, such as students from acting courses or sound engineering.

School name:NISS - Nordisk Institutt for Scene og StudioFilm and Television-education
Address:Christian Krohgsgt. 2, P.b. 9215 Grønland
Zip & city:N-0134 Oslo
Phone:+47 22 05 75 50

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