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The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (Film and television faculty)

VSMU was founded in 1949 for the university level art education. It has three faculties: Music and Dance, Theatre and Puppets and Film and Television. Though they have been thought some subjects like script writing or directing, the stand-alone Film and Television Faculty (with all necessary branches and departments to create a film) was established in 1990 as the only University level school for audiovisual media in Slovakia. The Academy offers a complete film and television education in seven ateliers (Script-writing, Directing, Documentary, Cinematography, Editing, Sound and Music, Animation) and two departments (Production and Management as well as a special Department of Dramaturgy, Humanities and Cinema Studies, which serves for the whole school and covers the university level of education with subjects like Esthetics, Philosophy, Fine Arts History, The History of Cinematography, Sociology, Psychology, etc.). There is a stand-alone Language Studies Department for all three faculties. Students have the option of going on to a Master’s Degree and Ph.D. after the initial Bachelor of Arts degree.

School name:The Academy of Music and Dramatic ArtsFilm and television faculty
Address:Venturska 3
Zip & city:813 01 Bratislavský kraj
Phone:+ 421 7 54 43 21 72

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