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Savannah College of Art & Design (Film and Television Program)

Following a two-year core curriculum of required introductory courses, including liberal arts/general education and fine arts foundation studies courses, undergraduate students progress into upper-level courses in their major course of study. Undergraduate students follow a rigorous program combining extensive hands-on experience with the development of critical thinking and visual skills. The curriculum encourages a variety of production types, including narrative, documentary, experimental cinema, music video, television programming, feature film and short film.

At the graduate level, each student develops and refines an artistic vision that culminates in a thesis or final project. Graduate students become familiar with diverse critical approaches, develop writing skills and refine their production skills.

Students have access to equipment found in major production and postproduction companies, and they work in the creative atmosphere of a film and television studio. The facilities reflect the most current trends in the industry. Students have access to interactive CD-ROM technology, nonlinear editing systems, digital audio workstations, and a complete Movie Magic screenwriting, scheduling and budgeting lab.

Production facilities and equipment include the Steadicam EFP and Super Panther Dolly, a chroma key/green screen studio and a sound stage. Through close collaboration with the sound design department, students have access to a Pro Tools surround sound lab, and an audio production studio featuring a Digidesign Control/24 control surface for Pro Tools.

The film and television department houses Avid Adrenaline, Symphony and Xpress DV workstations; MiniDV and DVCPRO cameras; Sony digital high definition television cameras; a Panasonic VariCam high definition camera; 16 mm, Super 16 mm and 35 mm cameras; and an all-digital studio. Adjacent to the film and television department is Savannah Cinema Post, the college’s film developing and color correcting facility.

Close links between the college’s film and television, animation, broadcast design and motion graphics, interactive design and game development, visual effects, sound design, and performing arts departments enable students to take a broad range of electives or select a complementary minor or double major.

School name:Savannah College of Art & DesignFilm and Television Program
Address:22 E. Lathrop Avenue
Zip & city:GA 31402-2072 Georgia
Phone:(912) 525-5100

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