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Film-Mentor (Film-Mentor)

The Apprentice - Mentor Association is a dedicated group of professionals offering on-the-job, one-on-one training in Radio/TV, Recording, Video, Film, and other specialized fields throughout the U.S., Canada, the UK and Australia.

Our training program is geared for your success in landing that first paying job and because from the start you are positioned in the most advantageous spot... learning from and assisting the one person who will not only be your mentor, but your reference - your recommendation - your advocate.

After over twenty years of mentoring, we have successfully proven that you don't need the time or the expense of a 4-year college education, or a specialized hybrid training facility to realize those dreams of a job in the film industry.

We contract with major Film and Video Production companies worldwide, who have current openings and an ongoing need to hire beginners, to train and mentor talented aspiring apprentices.

Our method is not new. It is a throwback to the apprentice method of training during the Renaissance period. In the 12th century, if you wanted to be an artist you didn't go to school, you went to work for an artist and you were not paid for your labor. On the contrary, you paid for the privilege of working for free. And people stood in line to do it with the right master. If your father wasn't already doing it, or your uncle or at least a cousin, it was the only way to enter a profession.

The inevitable employment through our apprentice program is in large part due to the fact that training is always done ONE-ON-ONE. One student apprentice, one instructor or mentor.

A mentor is a professional in the field - the Film Producer or Director... the same people who, because of the very nature of the industry, from time to time have to hire beginners, and dreads the day when they might have to sort through the resumes of college graduates who haven't a clue what the business is really all about.

Rather than the faceless resume, it is far more realistic to expect that they will hire their own private student apprentice that they have hand-picked, groomed and taught on the job in the real world.

School name:Film-MentorFilm-Mentor
Address:7095 Hollywood Blvd. #325
Zip & city:CA 90068 California
Phone:(323) 512-2321

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