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Calvin College (Film Studies at Communication Arts and Sciences Department)

Calvin is the distinctively Christian, academically excellent liberal arts college that shapes minds for intentional participation in the renewal of all things.

How are Christians to function in modern culture and redeem it as part of God's creation? How are we to understand persuasion, the portrayal of the human condition in the mass media, the lure of success and wealth in the modern age? How shall we prepare for the future? How shall we then live?

The Communications Arts and Sciences Department (CAS) believes that education should prepare people to make a difference in the world - not merely to stop evil from spreading, but to bring recognition of God's sovereignty over all of creation...

Film Studies at Calvin College encourages the intensive exploration of the moving image arts, through critical and historical study as well as learning production skills. We teach film as an art form, a cultural force, a commercial product of the entertainment industry, and a constantly-evolving technology.

The study of film can serve as an excellent focal point for a strong liberal arts education. Film is one of the dominant art forms and entertainment media of our time, and students must become acquainted with its forms, techniques, significant movements, and great directors. Students explore film as a cultural force, learning how films intersect with religion, politics, race, gender, and morality, and can influence us in many ways, for good and for ill. Students also learn how, as part of the entertainment industry, film plays an important role in consumer culture and globalization. We also teach film as a medium of personal and cultural expression, and students learn the techniques of good production.

We believe that Christians ought to become involved in the study and practice of film. Doing so will develop critical thinking and discernment, interdisciplinary learning, and practical skills useful for lives of service. Film Studies is one of the most popular and fastest-growing fields at Calvin College.

School name:Calvin CollegeFilm Studies at Communication Arts and Sciences Department
Address:1810 East Beltline SE
Zip & city:MI 49546 Michigan
Phone:(616) 526-6283

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