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Five Colleges, Incorporated (Film Studies at the Five Colleges)

The Five College Film Council works to coordinate the study of film and video at all five campuses.

The members of the Council include faculty drawn from a number of disciplines ranging from foreign languages to literature, history and media studies. They meet regularly to exchange information about courses as well as faculty appointments, and plan a coordinated approach to meeting common needs for instruction.

One of the Council’s most significant achievements in recent years has been the creation of a Five College major in film studies. Announced in the spring of 2006, the major has now been approved at three of the four colleges -- Hampshire, Mount Holyoke and Smith -- and is under consideration at Amherst College and at the University.

The Council negotiates the shared teaching duties of two joint faculty appointees -- Baba Hillman and Jenny Perlin -- who provide instruction in film and video production to complement and courses in film theory and history currently offered at each campus.

The Council also sponsors an annual festival of student film, held in the spring.

The Five College Film Studies major is in film studies as opposed to film production. While the film faculty believes that all students should be familiar with film and video production, the major is not designed to train students to enter the film industry without further training. As with all liberal arts majors, film is studied in relation to all the arts, humanities, and social sciences and can lead to careers in teaching, arts administration, web design, or freelance work in non-industry venues. The major is comprised of ten courses, one of which may be a component course. (A core course is one in which film is the primary object of study; a component course is one in which film is significant but not the focus of the course). Of these ten courses, at least two (but no more than five) must be taken outside the home institution. In addition, each student must have an advisor on the home campus and the requirements for the major may vary slightly from campus to campus.

School name:Five Colleges, IncorporatedFilm Studies at the Five Colleges
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