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Kulturama is the leading school in Scandinavia for artistic studies at the post-secondary school level. Kulturama is a separate branch of Medborgarskolan, a non-profit adult study organisation. The school accepts 373 students per year and approximately 3 000 students per term on evening classes.

Kulturama has over 30 years’ experience of running courses and training in a wide range of artistic expressions. We offer 11 full-time courses and 14 part-time courses in song, music, composition, musical production, dance, theatre, opera, show musicals, photography, film, art, as well as our three-year teacher-training course in Alexander techniques.

Our full-time courses are under government supervision which means that foreign students could be eligible for student loans or grants in their home country. Please verify this before applying to Kulturama, as you will not receive grants/loans from the Swedish government.

Our full-time studies are for two years, but are binding for one academic year at a time.
During the first academic year, your studies will be more specialised and will prepare you for art college. The second academic year is a direct preparation for studies at university level and is in some cases career-oriented. In the description of our courses, the number of teacher-led hours for each course is always specified. We issue a certificate at the end of each course if you have completed the syllabus and effected full payment of the line fee.

At Kulturama you can realise your dreams and transform your talents into artistic creation! Perhaps you want to extend your capacity and reach greater heights? If you have the interest and the aptitude, we can provide the opportunity to develop through knowledge, practice and skills training. Our training methods focus on personal development, which is why we work in relatively small groups with a high teacher ratio. Working and developing together in a group in which everyone is motivated by the same ambitions is especially rewarding and promotes individual growth. Taking the first step on a career in our subject areas demands courage and talent, but above all hard work. The training courses at Kulturama place high demands on you as a student. Whatever goals you have for your studies, we can, with our more than 200 experienced and professional teachers, provide you with a firm basis for your further studies and future job opportunities.

School name:KulturamaFilm Studies
Address:Virkesvägen 21, Hammarby Sjöstad
Zip & city:104 32 Stockholms län
Phone:+46 (0)8-50 59 00 00

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