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Villa Julie College (Film, Theatre and Video Department)

Villa Julie offers a unique program of study that combines theater, video and film. Through extensive hands-on experiences, students are afforded the opportunity to develop and refine their production skills.

This course of study includes specific course work in the artistry and technical proficiency of all three art forms along with the exploration of how these forms can be blended in production. Upper classmen participate in a formal internship program working with professionals from their chosen field.

Academic focus is achieved through Liberal Arts electives chosen from within one of several established themes.

In the fourth year students produce a senior project, intended to be the culmination of their experiences and training.

The faculty members are professionals in their field which not only provides students with the artistic and technical knowledge required, but the practical knowledge as well.

In this program, students acquire a thorough grounding in the liberal arts and an understanding of the art and techniques of creating video, film, and theatre. Through extensive, hands-on experiences, students develop and refine their technical production skills, while through close study of works of professional/artistic merit, they develop their analytical and critical skills.

All majors learn the basics of all three disciplines (taking introductory core courses in video production, photography, film, and theatre, as well as a course that satisfies the Core Requirement in Communication). In addition, they take Script Writing for Stage and Screen, and Directing for Stage and Screen, and an internship that enables them to work with professionals in the field.

Beyond this core of courses, students elect to focus on one of the three disciplines (video, film, or theatre) and take a series of courses specific to that focus, culminating in a senior project that provides a capstone experience that integrates their aesthetic vision with their technical training.

To help shape this vision, all majors will take a series of four electives of liberal arts. Throughout their course of studies, students are encouraged to work cooperatively and creatively in the production of multiple projects that reflect both artistic integrity and technical proficiency, the dual goals of the program.

School name:Villa Julie CollegeFilm, Theatre and Video Department
Address:1525 Greenspring Valley Rd.
Zip & city:MD 21153-0641 Washington
Phone:(410) 486-7000

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