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Filmmaker's Central School of Cinema

Filmmaker's Central is unique in that our instructors are not only excellent teachers and mentors but they are actually working professionals in the business! We are dedicated to teaching practical information and providing a hands-on experience to the student filmmaker's education, as well as support them even after they move forward in their careers. Our non-prerequisite workshops have incorporated a wide variety of approaches that include personalized small class sizes, group applied exercises, simulations, presentations and special guest lectures.

To-date, our program boasts an academic body of adult students whose ages range from 18 to 80 and internationally represent more than 40 countries. Here in the United States, students have traveled from coast to coast, including Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands for our weekend events, workshops and our special 8-day -Shoot Camp™ USA filmmaking program.

Traditionally, the majority of our 1-day courses are held in and around the Los Angeles area. In addition, we have had the opportunity to expand beyond our home market into such cities as New York, San Francisco, Dallas, and Denver. We've even had requests by the Beijing Film Academy in China.

Get on the fast track to filmmaking success with FILMMAKER'S CENTRAL. We're ready to show you how to bring your cinematic vision to life with our intensive courses. Whether you're trying to become a filmmaker or simply trying to become a better filmmaker, we can help you set yourself above the rest.

FILMMAKER'S CENTRAL SCHOOL OF CINEMA offers a Certificate Program with affordable courses to help you get the job done on your own terms. Having the know-how to make it all come true is what it's all about. We are dedicated solely to the education and support of independent filmmakers like you. Graduate and get your Diploma and Certificate of Completion. Let us help you get your vision out there!

School name:Filmmaker's Central School of Cinema
Address:7095 Hollywood Blvd. # 858
Zip & city:CA 90078 California
Phone:(323) 467-6580

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Filmmaker's Central School of Cinema Film School Location

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