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Rockport College (Filmmaking Department)

At Rockport College, each student is free to search for his or her own voice while working to master the craft to express that voice. It is this process of mastering the craft and the development of a visual voice and personal aesthetic that is the core of the learning experience at this institution. The writer Chris Keane explains it this way: "Some people say you cannot teach anyone to be a writer [or a photographer or filmmaker]. Artistically that's true. Craftwise it isn't. Art needs a home, which is craft. Craft is a place where art can live and grow, find its natural structure, its world." But craft, without passion, without a story, is the work of a technician. It is our mission at Rockport College to nurture today's and tomorrow's storytellers and imagemakers through their developmental years, to lead, encourage, inspire and challenge them as they proceed along their individual paths to successful careers.

This 30-week program is for emerging filmmakers who want to create their own films, build a reel and launch their career in feature or documentary film.

The program provides 36 credits of advanced theory, technical training and methodology in both dramatic and documentary filmmaking and video. Through practical, hands-on training and production participants learn the latest filmmaking methods while gaining intuitive experience with the latest technologies and equipment. This program is for those wishing to work professionally in filmmaking; it is also excellent preparation for graduate school, or a practical alternative to graduate school for those changing careers.

This Certificate program is for individuals with a strong interest in making their own films, and who want to develop their talents and explore their career options as film and video professionals. Application is by portfolio reel, which must show evidence of a basic understanding of visual art, film and video storytelling. Those with no prior filmmaking experience are asked to first complete a 4-week Summer Film School at The Film Workshops.

School name:Rockport CollegeFilmmaking Department
Address:70 Camden Street
Zip & city:ME 04856 Maine
Phone:(207) 236-8581

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