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Columbia College (Film/Video Department of Columbia College)

The Film/Video Department at Columbia College Chicago seeks to cultivate artists with a unique vision and the desire to express that vision on film. At the same time, we strive to develop the technical skills that supports this creative passion. Believing that the best way to learn filmmaking is to make films, we stress collaborative film and video production: classes are taught through a project-based, hands-on, student-centered process. Our diverse student body, imaginative faculty and state of the art facilities combine to develop the creative, conceptual, and technical skills needed to become a working film or video professional.

Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, Columbia College supplies additional resources to inspire film/video students, such as theater, dance, music, fiction writing, graphic arts, photography, and interactive multimedia. The Film/Video Department offers nearly two hundred specialized undergraduate and graduate courses that embody the most comprehensive curriculum of any film school in the country. In small classes that provide a nurturing and challenging atmosphere, students get the personalized attention needed to hone their skills. With many working professionals on the faculty, we stay ahead of the ever-evolving industry and technological trends while helping students realize their creative and professional goals.

The Career Planning and Placement office helps graduates find jobs and helps students find internships. Taken for credit, industry internships provide professional production or post-production training. This important career preparation helps many students land exciting jobs locally and nationally. The Film/Video Department maintains connections in several cities, including New York and Los Angeles. For example, an active West Coast Alumni Association and our own office on the CBS Television lot in Hollywood cements the L.A. relationship. In addition, we currently offer a Semester in L.A. Program. For those interested in a Hollywood career, this excellent introduction includes meetings and classes with an extensive array of working professionals eager to share their knowledge and offer students practical guidance.

Our methodology, philosophy and curriculum have evolved over thirty years as we have grown into an internationally renowned center of teaching excellence. We boast a vibrant location, low tuition rates, sophisticated technical facilities, a comprehensive curriculum and a faculty of working professionals, film scholars and independent filmmakers. But, ultimately, successful graduates and the production of artistic, entertaining films testify to our unsurpassed knowledge and dedication to instruct, support and inspire all who enter our program.

School name:Columbia CollegeFilm/Video Department of Columbia College
Address:600 S. Michigan Avenue
Zip & city:IL 60605 Illinois
Phone:(312) 663-1600

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