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Dokuz Eylül University (Fine Arts Faculty/ Department of Cinema-TV)

The Mission of the Dokuz Eylül University can be defined best with the goals of our university. What kind of education, student, society, and world does our university aim? What kind of education? Research-oriented, creative and student-based education, which does not dictate knowledge, but teaches the ways to reach information, gives importance to team work, tries to keep student-staff interaction at high levels. What kind of Student? Intellectual individuals with developed communication skills, who use their mind, don�t hesitate to ask questions, dream and think, and are hardworking, productive and creative, sensitive to social problems, respectful to their essential values. What kind of Society? A powerful society composed of individuals who protect their Republic supporting secularist and social state devoted to rule of law and is conscious of its values in the light of rationality and science and can use these values for production, has very strong and active university-industry-society interaction, have common interests for the independence and eternity of the country. What kind of World? A world that pays importance to protection of the ecological balance while supporting international cooperation for scientific and technological production in an environment in which information has no boundaries.

Faculty of Fine Arts, established in 1975 at Ege University and become a part of Dokuz Eylul University, consists of 10 departments offering four-year programs.

The department has been organizing International İzmir Film Festival for ten years. Many short and feature dramatic and documentary films have been produced by the students and staff members in the department. Approximately thirty theoretical books have been published by staff members. The department has also been publishing cinema magazine Sinemasal for two years. Our department has a professional BETACAM studio and editing system and semi-professional S-VHS editing system.

School name:Dokuz Eylül UniversityFine Arts Faculty/ Department of Cinema-TV
Address:Cumhuriyet Bulvarı No: 144, Alsancak
Zip & city:35210 Izmir
Phone:+90 (232) 412 12 12

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