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German Film School

The GERMAN FILM SCHOOL was founded in November 1998 as Germany's first private film university. After a two-year battle against bank policy and political incompetence, the GERMAN FILM SCHOOL has succeeded: Courses for the future-oriented training for "Digital Artists" started on March 1 in 2000. One year later, in April 2001, the GERMAN FILM SCHOOL was recognized by CARTOON - the European Association of Animation Producers - as a Professional Training Center of Animation and became the only German member of E.T.N.A. (European Training Network for Animation).

In August 2003, the film school was the first private university in the federal state of Brandenburg that became state-recognized by the Ministery of Sciene. The innovative Diploma course "Digital Artist" and since 2006 the new Bachelor and Master Programs focusing on digital production and animation indicate that the GERMAN FILM SCHOOL is part of the "Next Generation Universities", where education and research are combined with practical training.

In the past seven years the founders of the GERMAN FILM SCHOOL have proven against all odds, that there are enough young people in Germany who are willing to invest much effort in their education and to turn their hobby into a profession. In March 2007, the 100th graduate will have completed his high-potential course.

The GERMAN FILM SCHOOL already received 48 national and international awards (as per October 2006) for animated short films of their students. The good name and the high degree of fame of the GERMAN FILM SCHOOL in the European CGI branche is standing for the success of this elitist and practice oriented university.

School name:German Film School
Address:Demex Allee 1
Zip & city:14641 Berlin
Phone:+49 332 34 90 833

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German Film School Film School Location

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