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Gimnazija Jesenice

In 1994 the building was completely renovated, and a modern, well-equipped Sports Hall was built. Excellent working conditions, a serious approach to study, and dedicated and competent teachers, have enabled our students to achieve outstanding results in the national Matura examinations and to go on to further study at the University of their choice. In the past ten years the Matura results have never dropped below a pass rate of 94%, and have three times reached 100%.

In the past few years it has been shown that there is a need for changes to the Grammar School programme, to accommodate the needs of the students entering the Gimnazija from the Primary School. Amongst the school leavers are many excellent sportsmen and women, and to develop this aspect of eduaction steps were taken in 2002 to initiate the establishment of a Sports Class; in the academic year 2003/2004 the first year of the Sports Class entered the school. In 2004/2005 we were one of the schools chosen to participate in the European Classes Project. In these classes there is an extra emphasis on English and German foreign languages. In the same school year permission was obtained to commence the Matura preparation course.

The first foreign language taught at our school is English; the second is German, with Italian, French, Spanish and Russian also being offered. Up to now the students have chosen German or Italian as their second foreign language, but there also is a growing interest in French.

Altough obviously the main thrust of the school curriculum is aimed at the Matura examination, we recognise that education is far broader, and so we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities (see below), as well as participating in international and national projects and competitions, where our students achieve excellent results. We actively support our students in following their personal creativity.

School name:Gimnazija Jesenice
Address:Trg Toneta Čufarja 1
Zip & city:SI-4270 Jesenice
Phone:04 580 94 50

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