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Universität Hamburg (Hamburg Media School)

Whether through Hollywood films, online banking or local newspapers, our everyday lives are greatly affected by the media we use.
The range and diversity of media forms needs to be met by equally diverse job training.
HMS reflects this diversity in its interdisciplinary approach. Each of its three graduate and professional programs combine a solid academic basis, practical experience and teamwork. HMS students also enjoy contact with a wide range of renowned German and international media professionals.

Casting actors, controlling budgets, understanding cinematic techniques—every film producer needs a team that works like a well-oiled machine; a team in which each member takes responsibility for their own task yet also remains aware of the overall process.

The Hamburg Film Program has been educating producers, directors, script writers and camera/set designers for well over ten years. Work produced by students have won many awards, including, on two occasions, the Student Oscar from the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science; in 2003 to the producers of “Die rote Jacke” and in 2005 to the producers of “Ausreisser”.

School name:Universität HamburgHamburg Media School
Address:Finkenau 35
Zip & city:22081 Hamburg
Phone:+ 49 (040) 413 468 0

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Hamburg Media School Film School Location

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