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Although there is no full-time film school in Idaho, there are production classes available through several universities. Northwest Nazarene University, in particular, offers a B.A. in mass communications, a major focus of which is film production. Boise State offers a similar program, although the emphasis is on documentary work.

But the Treasure Valley is not the only part of Idaho crafting new filmmakers. Just outside of Driggs resides the Idaho Film and Television Institute, founded by Dawn Wells—best known as Mary Ann from the TV show Gilligan's Island. The institute holds annual boot camps­—crash-course training sessions with industry experts who instruct in all aspects of production.

The increase of film industry work in Idaho will eventually require more educational opportunities for students who are looking to join the field. But like so many other new and growing business markets, the demand is not yet high enough for the universities to develop stronger programs. While the Idaho Film Office is also working with educational systems to offer film degrees, the advent of a full film program seems to still be a long way off.

School name:Idaho Film Office
Address:700 w. state street
Zip & city:ID 83720 Idaho
Phone:(208) 334-2470

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