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University of North Dakota (Introduction to Film)

This is a general film appreciation class. It will introduce you to the basics of film production, narrative, style, editing, performance, sound, theory, and analysis, among other things. It will also expose you to a variety of films produced in the U. S. and other countries from the very beginnings of the medium in the 1890s, through the so-called "silent era" of the 1910s-20s and the "golden age" of Hollywood in the 1930s-50s, up to the present, including some films in foreign languages with English subtitles.

School name:University of North DakotaIntroduction to Film
Address:Gustafson Hall - Room 103, 3264 Campus Road - Stop 9021
Zip & city:ND 58202 North Dakota
Phone:/800) 342-8230

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