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Università della Svizzera Italiana (Istituto Media e Giornalismo (IMeG) )

Every year the University of Lugano and the Locarno International Film Festival organise a Summer School to analyse fiction and non-fiction audiovisual products. From this year on the Summer School is part of Réseau Cinéma CH, a Swiss university consortium promoting two master programmes in “Film History and Theory” and “Film Direction”. The 2007 edition (Locarno, 30. July - 4. August) will study and discuss the various changes being experienced by the cinematographic identity.

Nowadays when we talk about “cinema” we need to ask questions about scenarios undergoing significant change. With the advent of digital production and distribution technologies, both production processes and methods of consumption are changing. In the current audiovisual panorama, does a "cinematographic industry" still exist? And what is meant by the term “author”? And, finally, how can spectators who are becoming increasingly portrayed in terms of culture, geographical location and gender communicate with a market which is expanding all the time, with increasingly complex models? In short this means asking questions about the experience of cinema as it is produced today. The experience of the people who create, produce, and also watch it.

How can the film experience be defined when methods of viewing are no longer traditional ones and the film is enjoyed not simply on television, but via computer, or even on a mobile phone? What does the film experience become once it has been deprived of some of its traditional characteristics – the sacredness of the collective rite – and profoundly changed in terms of methods – the big screen, the dark, the silence and the other constituents which make the spectator feel totally immersed, as if experiencing fragments of other parallel lives?

The 2007 Summer School will be trying to tap into the hot spots of an extremely topical debate, in which the relationship between cinema and new technologies, and the implications for the production, creative and consumption processes traces out a broad and multi-faceted work map, whose boundaries are rapidly changing.

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