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Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI Digital Filmmaking Program)

Welcome to the Kansas City Art Institute, a four-year, independent, fully accredited college of art and design offering the bachelor of fine arts degree in a variety of disciplines. This great institution has a stellar history, dating back to its origins in 1885. Whether you are visiting our Web site because you are thinking of applying for admission, or because you want to contribute funds for student scholarships, or because you simply want to know more about our programs, I want to welcome you and encourage you to make an actual as well as a virtual visit to our beautiful campus. I look forward to meeting you.

As a new media major, you will use the new media lab with Mac and PC workstations and the latest Web-authoring, interactive, modeling and animation programs for producing installations and projects for the Internet and World Wide Web.

New media students have access to Pro-Tools Audio Suite, video production and post-production tools such as FinalCut Pro and After Effects and multimedia authoring tools such as Director, Flash, Max, MSP and Jitter.

he Digital Filmmaking program at the Kansas City Art Institute provides students with a dynamic laboratory for producing new forms of time-based narrative, documentary, and expanded cinema applications. The curriculum is designed distinctively to funnel students to the use of new digital video technologies for a variety of applications, from fine art to commercial development, and to augment the use of film and video as hybrid forms of contemporary interdisciplinary art.

The program, while driven by a core understanding of conventional filmmaking theory and techniques, uses digital video to enables students to apply advanced motion-imaging technologies, and integrate multiple media and disciplines, into both, conventional storytelling, and new forms of cinematic expressions.

The fundamental of producing a feature, of set and crew management, the research of new screen-based narrative forms, of film's relationship to other arts and media, and its role as an instrument of social expression, are all part of a program that melds cinema history and theory, with hands-on filming and computer lab classes --a program designed to prepare students to be strong visual artists, as well as good managers and communicators.

School name:Kansas City Art InstituteKCAI Digital Filmmaking Program
Address:4415 Warwick Blvd.
Zip & city:MO 64111-1820 Missouri
Phone:(800) 522-5224

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